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Every morning you wake up with a headache, after a long and exhausting day the night comes and you feel desperate and frustrated either because you don’t have time or because the stress and daily responsibilities have you tiresome and that has caused a blockage of ideas and focus that is stopping your dissertation writing process. You are wasting time and each day that passes your deadline gets closer.

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We know how it feels every day to get up and face a world full of challenges and uncertainty, with so many responsibilities like cleaning your house, then going to work … your boss is waiting for you, setting goals and demanding results, you must also be attentive to your family, your children, your relationship, your friends and also having to worry about always being on time. Your performance must be booming to cover all that, but most of the time it will be totally exhausting if you add having to write a 100% original dissertation.

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Your career also imposes a great challenge on you and at the university they impose very short deadlines; You will never really have enough time to start translating your ideas and content into a document, because time is not an ally of the human being, on the contrary it consumes you and as it is well known, making a dissertation is one of the most time consuming tasks.


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You sit in front of your computer, exhausted, with a blank brain, to start writing a text of which you have no idea where to start nor its structure, which you have to write from scratch, free of plagiarism and make it 100% original, a new content in the world, which offers fresh, striking and very interesting knowledge, written in a persuasive, intellectual and attractive way for the reader.

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