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Sample 12
2 Page - Psychology



The research will be based on the hermeneutical paradigm with a research methodology with a qualitative approach; being valid to highlight the nature of this base, so according to some experts hermeneutics seeks: 

Discover the meanings of things, interpret words, writings, texts, gestures and, in general, human behavior, as well as any act or work of his, but preserving its uniqueness in the context of which it is part 

For his part, another expert argues that hermeneutics refers to “the science or art of understanding a document, a gesture, an event, capturing all its senses, even those that its author or actor did not notice.”

In this way, the hermeneutic paradigm will allow a qualitative analysis through the interpretation of the data and documents collected, and will be a great contribution to meet the objectives of the research. 

Research Type

Based on the above and according to the characteristics and nature of the problem, the research corresponds to a descriptive study, so according to important specialists: 

Descriptive research works on factual realities, and its fundamental characteristic is to present a correct interpretation. For descriptive research, his primary concern is to discover some fundamental characteristics of homogeneous sets of phenomena, using systematic criteria that allow their structure or behavior to be revealed. In this way the notes that characterize the reality studied can be obtained. 

Design of the investigation

Considering the approach to the problem raised, the research is considered documentary and field. It has an important documentary component motivated by the fact that the state of the art of the variables studied is required, the process of reviewing texts and documents being valid to give continuity to the field component that allows the verification of the scenarios presented for the particular study to be carried out. analyze. 

Given this, the author states that documentary design: “is what is made, as its name indicates, relying on documentary sources, that is, on documents of any kind” clearly expressing the basis of this design and that It adapts enormously to what is embodied in the base paradigm of the study. Likewise, the author mentions that the field design: 

It is supported by information that comes, among others, from interviews, questionnaires, surveys and observations. As it is compatible to develop this type of research together with documentary research, it is recommended that the sources of documentary research be consulted first, in order to avoid duplication of work. 

This paragraph gives greater force to the approach of making a combined use of these two designs, since they allow to contribute to the research needs to present a much more complete development that gives rise to optimal results for the proposed design. 

Population and sample

After having clarity on the research scenario, it is necessary to identify and delimit the population and sample according to the problem statement. On this it was stated that: “The population, or in more precise terms the target population, is a finite or infinite set of elements with common characteristics for which the research conclusions will be extensive.” 

In the present investigation, the population is represented by people who have some physical pathology (scars), which have been caused by an illness or accident – as well as aesthetic clinics as a space that the aforementioned population resorts to. 

According to specialists in the area of psychology, the sample: “it is, in essence, a subgroup of the population. It can be said that it is a subset of elements that belong to that set defined in their needs that we call population”. 

Information Collection Technique and Instrument

On this subject, the expert explains that: “The research is meaningless without data collection techniques. These techniques lead to the verification of the problem posed ”. Furthermore, the author adds that: 

Data collection refers to the use of a great diversity of techniques and tools that can be used by the analyst to develop information systems, which can be interviews, surveys, questionnaires, observation, flow diagrams. and the data dictionary will handle a data collection technique in its development. 

For its part, it mentions that the data collection instrument is: “any resource, device or format (on paper or digital), used to obtain, record or store information.” 

In order for the investigation to develop adequately and completely, the technique of observation will be chosen. This premise is defended based on what was expressed by the expert who states that:

Everything that the researcher is going to do is supported by the observation technique. Although he uses different methods, his methodological framework for collecting data focuses on the technique of observation and the success or failure of the investigation will depend on which one he used. 

Thus, the tools applied to this analysis will be observation, interview, application of questionnaires. 

The observation

The observation consists of the systematic, valid and reliable record of the behavior or manifest conduct. It can be used as a measuring instrument in many different circumstances. It is a method most used by those who are behaviorally oriented. 

To carry out this tool, we proceed to observe the scenarios related to accidents or illnesses that generate a physical affectation in the person, which consequently affects their physical acceptance and self-esteem; In addition, it will be observed what is the level of commitment that aesthetic clinics have with social responsibility, understanding that these organizations are the means to which many people turn to increase their esteem and physical acceptance. 

The interview

Now, the interview, as mentioned by the expert, is known as:

A specific form of social interaction that is intended to collect data for an inquiry. The researcher asks questions of people capable of providing data of interest, establishing a peculiar, asymmetric dialogue, where one of the parties seeks to collect information and the other is the source of that information.

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